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    How Do I do This?
    Hi All

    Can someone help me please, I am very new to the affiliate side of things and finding it all very frustrating.

    The basic problem is I want to add a specific product to my site from an affiliate link but when I search in sharesale under the affiliate the product is not their.

    I checked on the program I want to use and can see they still have the product on the web site, so how do I get the product to link to me via shareasale, preferably with the picture of the product in the link.
    I am soooo confused. Help.

    If anyone reply's please try and be as basic as possible with the answer.

    Thanks in advance.



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    If I'm understanding you correctly, when you go to make a search for your "Get links" after logging into the main they show that they have a datafeed or product links? If so, you can get the link several ways.

    You can click "Product links" and you'll usually have several pages of products (I believe they're listed in order by the highest price to the least expensive price) If you find that product you can get the links that way. If you use datafeeds you can choose to get links that way, also.

    Another way is by choosing the "Make a page" option. You'd select the merchant and either category and options if they have them or you can just type in a keyword or the specific product (that might be the best to do)

    Without going into more detail, I'm not sure yet if the merchant you're wanting to get the link for their product has those options or not. If they do, they'll list them after you've clicked "Get Links" from the main area after logging in. They should have "Product links" or "Datafeed"

    If they don't have that can make your link by clicking under "Get Links" Choose to get the link by choosing "Create a custom link to a page"

    I'm guessing from your post that what you're saying is that when you go to get the links they don't have "Product links" or "Datafeed"?? If that is the case, then the only way I know to get the link would be the "Create a custom link to a page" That can be a bit tricky, tho so you'll have to check once in a while, cos they may at some point move the product to a different page, then your link would be going to the wrong page.

    Only other option would be to contact your affiliate manager directly and ask them if they could make you up a link. If they're a good affiliate manager they will be happy to do that for you.....ummm if not.....I think I'd have reservations about working with them.

    Hope I've helped, but not sure since I'm not positive I'm understanding you correctly. If I didn't help ya.....somebody else will most likely post. If they don't....please post what I'm not understanding and I'll try to pop in here again and take another shot at trying to explain it better Don't worry, if there's a way to get the'll be able to get it

    Haven't had my second cup of coffee yet, so may not have made sense

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    Thabk You
    You have understood my garbled message that I posted and thanks for your quick reply.

    I have tried the options you have suggested but with no luck, the product I was after did not come up.

    I think I will try mailing them like you suggest and see if they will create a link for me. I hope.

    Thanks again for your help.


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    You can always go to the page you want to link to and copy the URL; then log in to SAS and go to the "Make a Custom Link" section and build your own link there. Another way to look for the right link would be to see if that merchant is in PopShops and make a single item 'Shop' that can be pasted into your page.
    Did you look through their banners? Maybe that product is featured on a banner?

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