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    Inactive Merchants
    I see there is often a number of merchants that are deactivated monthly, what is the reason they are deactivated? Is it because they are not going to use GC anymore, they never paid their bill or what reason?

    It is good we get the email so we know so we can pull the stores down or replace them but I just find it a lot of work having to tear down stores all the time. Also should we completely delete the stores we have made for these merchants or could these merchants be made active again so our stores will work again?
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    If a merchant populates and maintains their GoldenCan product database they force affiliates to actually display their offerings.... before the click. This alone should make the GC merchant's less likely to just drop their programs as the GC affiliates are providing some customer facing pre-sell... not spam or incent trickery.

    But like all good things someone has to maintain the GC ecatalog data. This requires more then making up a few coupon codes.
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    Umm, uh oh....don't have too many using them but guess I'd better make sure I read all the emails from them soon as I get em. Don't believe I've had any merchants that have been deactivated but would definitely wanna know if they are. Definitely a good thing that they let ya know.

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    It would be great if there was a little advance notice. I received the e-mail at 10:57PM (CST), checked one of my sites and they were already removed. So here I am at 11:00 Sunday night trying to replace product pages. I am not a happy camper.

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    I remove the GC script from my site when the merchant is deactivated. Replacing is a big task, but at the very least, I want to get that "merchant inactive" off my pages. So, while it is very nice to have an email notifying us of the deactivations, there is no way to know if or when a reactivation occurs unless you leave the script on your site.
    Is there a way to list reactivated merchants on the GC site, similar to the way the deactivated merchants are listed?

    Example - Taylor gifts was deactivated in Feb. I noticed a couple of weeks ago it was on the "new merchants" list, so I put it back up and it worked. So, I assume they are reactivated.

    Also, off the topic a litte, but I noticed tonight, that the dates are gone indicating when a merchant signed up. I really miss that. It was helpful in keeping track.

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    This maybe obvious, for that I apologize...

    I keep general merchants on my affiliate list for this reason(Amazon, Wal-Mart,, ect...) That way I can usually quickly replace a store for a deactivated merchant on short notice until I find a new well converting "niche" store.

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