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    Merchants Are Still Removing NY
    Although we have a whole thread where we are keeping a list of merchants that are removing affiliates from New York I feel it is important that everyone realize the way it is now being done. Since the law took effect on June 1 several merchants began removing NY affiliates. Some are putting the date of the termination as May 30 or May 31 and they will not pay NY affiliates for sales generated after those dates. Important to note, they did not reach the decision (or at least did not take action) to remove NY affiliates until sometime in June. I am sure sales were generated for them by NY affiliates, yet they will not pay. Not sure how the networks permit this or if they are taking action.

    If you are a NY affiliate and are terminated with a retroactive dates be sure to contact both the merchant and the network to ascertain the legality of such action.

    For everyone, note how affiliates are being treated. It is ironic that in many cases a trademark poacher or affiliate using unethical marketing practice will get warnings before being terminated from merchants but an affiliate from NY gets no warning.

    Ethics is for everyone, not just affiliates.
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    Clearly, they waited to see if the law would actually go into effect before doing anything.

    Pretty scumbag thing to do.
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