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    What is the best way to make affiliates use banner?

    I start this thread because I was soo soo tired of making the banners without seeing them displayed on any websites! I feel like I am wasting my time. I started my affiliate program as a merchant a month ago and have about 100 affiliates right now. no matter how many banners I make (big, small, rectangle, square) , no one is using them! All they use are text links!!! I am pretty confident that my artwork in banner are professional and even more beautiful than banners of those top merchants in my network (SAS)! lol lol So i just want you guys to share ideas how can I attract my affiliates to post my banners in their website.

    PS. I really want the world to appreciate the artwork from heaven!!! lol

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    Have you tried asking your affiliates how they want the banners to look? Maybe they don't think the banners fit their websites. Tell them you'll design banners by request.

    There is also the other way of offering them money to put a banner up, lol.

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    Have you asked for feedback from your current affiliates?
    Perhaps you are offering the right sizes, but not the right colors or designs. Perhaps the banners are only seasonal, etc.

    In any case, don't try to "make" your affiliates do anything. they aren't employees. Find out from your affiliates what they want and give it to them.

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    Which merchant? Maybe some of the members here will critique the banners

    By the way, you cannot make your affiliates do anything

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    Why use banners?

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    Do you want them to use your banners or do you want them to sell your product?
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    Text links, by far, outperform banners statistically.

    Additionally as has been noted, it's their site, their impetus isn't to show your banners, it's to get the consumers to your site and yours is to convert those visitors to sales. The model is cost per action not cost per impression.
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    Affy_bombaye: this is a common mis perception. In my experience 80% of affiliate sales come through text links. Because of this I have taken to launching programs with 6-8 common banners sizes. I make my contact information available and occasionally get a request for a banner.

    On your text links make sure you use a "call to action". Affiliates can always modify to fit their content.

    Don't let management pull you into the banner game where they want to see where the affiliate has placed the banner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missdonna
    Do you want them to use your banners or do you want them to sell your product?
    There's the answer. You want affiliates to entice consumers to buy products from you.

    Chuck's estimate that 80% of sales come through text links might be accurate, but it depends on what you define as a "text link" or a "banner."

    I've driven a lot of sales with "product information" where there is some text information and a product image -- that's not a banner, but it's not just a text link, either.

    Don't fixate on banners. Don't fixate on any "one solution" to your marketing needs. Ask your affiliates what they need, but recognize that there are many different arbitrary ways to categorize affiliate types, which might be helpful but never honor the diversity of affiliate activity.

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    Take the best banners in all Google standard sizes and use them on Adwords campaigns. If they're as good as you say they'll get more Google clicks, and certainly more branding, then pushing them on all the thin SAS affiliates. Choose the higher converting landing pages and make the banner/sales images do the pre-sell for you.

    Until you can steadily sell your own products ... don't expect affiliates do try and do anything more then plant cookies with short sweet text links.
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    I think banners are 'old school' and I agree that they don't convert as well as an image and text - or even just text.

    Speaking as a consumer and not as an affiliate, it's like I don't even see banners anymore, my eyes and brain just shut them out. It seems like a hard sell in a soft sell game. The 'flashier' banners are the LESS likely I am to click on them or even notice them.

    Give me words that sell.

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    jacked by sylon
    Perhaps you've heard the term (banner farms).

    Those are sites that are mostly banners and they are also the sites that when a surfer lands on one of them they hit their browser back button just as fast as they can and go looking for a site with information and text links.

    The statement:

    Do you want them to use your banners or do you want them to sell your product?

    Is the truth.

    Mostly banners - very few sales.

    Mostly information and text links - a lot of sales.

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