Got my Dad several bags of nuts for Fathers Day.

Ordered from Andy's merchant (aka Zenobia Nut Company), tracked immediately and correctly in ShareASale.

I didn't have to setup/register an account to buy, I like that option!

Showed me discounts as I added bags - nice volume upselling going on here. Pulled me into buying more bags than I had in mind when I arrived.

Coupon for $5 off worked.

Shipped to different address (my Dad's house), was easy.

Products images are delicious looking!!! I appreciate the way they pop off a somewhat subdued background - the nuts are center stage, as they should be!

I don't know whether this store allows commissions on self-purchases, I didn't check with them first. Andy, zap this commission if it's not allowed please - no sweat at all - I should have checked first, but I was in a hurry to place my order, Dad's Day is screaming towards us.

Excellent experience, happy with the entire process as a consumer and as an affiliate. I like the upselling they're doing, as an affiliate, I dig it. As a consumer, it wasn't over-the-top or in-your-face kind of annoying thing, but made it very clear where my volume levels would benefit me as a buyer. Smart stuff there, very nice!