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    Question: what are the top three affiliate marketing websites?
    Hi, I am new to affiliate marketing. I was wondering if you all, from your experience as affiliate marketers, might know what the best three pay-per-sale affiliate marketing websites would be? Is Share-a-Sale in the top three? I just seen a link to CJ, are there any other affiliate websites (good ones)? In your opinion, what are the best ones? Are there any best ones, or does that depend on the individual affiliate's experience, or product the affiliate wants to promote?

    Another question:

    In general, is it better to promote products on a website that belong to a specific category, such as marketing all cosmetic products on a single cosmetic website, or is it better to have a whole bunch of different kinds of products belonging to different kinds of product categories, like having any product from cosmetics, to mortgage companies, on the same site?

    What are some good statistics for a beginning affiliate marketer to know?

    I have already seen one post that says 80% of sales come from text links as opposed to banner web links. Is this pretty accurate from your experience?

    Any advice or insight would be most appreciated. I am patient and expect to lose some money a little bit while I learn the ropes, I figure it will take me a couple of years to get the hang of this stuff...that is okay, I have set aside the monthly budget for this, I am patient...but I figure if I do a little research, ask a few questions, perhaps I could reduce the amount of loss that I must spend to start making some money at this. Therefore, any advice you may offer would be most appreciated. Thanks!



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    Welcome egschasteen05,
    generally patience is a virtue, but not here so much as initiative is a virtue. Seek and you can find out a whole lot. Ask when you can't find out, but don't wait for definitive answers to generic questions.
    Best network is in the eye of the beholder. Best business plan? whatever works for you. Spend less money and more time and you too can earn a little extra cash now and then. With time, hopefully more cash.
    Learning is free here. Read, read, search, read, succeed, read more, repeat frequently.
    Good luck

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    Very well put 2 busy. And yes there is a lot to read and read and read....

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    Welcome EG. As your first lesson, learn that searching the archives here for answers is an invaluable resource. The questions you are asking are all questions that have been discussed extensively through many threads in the past, so most will not want to repeat explanations that are already part of the library.

    For instance: if you want to see if there have been any comments, opinions, guidance on who the best networks might be, simply do a search here and input search terms such as "best network for affiliates" or any variation of that search topic. You will find many past discussions on the topic and you can go from there.

    Hope this is helpful to you. You are in for a long journey and the journey begins with searching and reading, so enjoy and learn.
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    Searching and Researching yep, that does it. Some days I feel like I haven't accomplished anything because I am researching and reading. But then when I look back, I've learned so much and have gotten some really great information. Just soak it all in.
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    Who is The Biggest Network ??......
    The biggest networks are CJ, Linkshare and a few others. I don't know who is the largest/ smallest though.

    Cj Is likely at the top. Or near it.

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    The big 4 are CJ, Linkshare, Performics and Shareasale.
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