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    Network solutions - is it really worth it?
    The company I work for knows very little about Affiliate programs (I am trying to educate - slowly).

    I am trying to explain to the executive team the worth of using a network solution like Commission Junction and justify the cost. The best plan of action in these situations is to present some measurable data, or at least comprehensive research.

    Since my second closest point of contact in the affiliate world is you guys (second to my own program publishers) I wanted to ask your opinion:

    So, why do think it is worth going with a solution like commission junction or Linkshare?

    Which would you consider to be the most reliable?

    Thanks in advance.

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    After discussing this issue dozens of times in ABW posts, I've posted my analysis of this topic on my own web site: "Choosing an Affiliate Technology or Affiliate Network."

    Whenever someone talks about "justifying the cost" of an affiliate network, I must reply: the fees you pay to an affiliate network are going to be a tiny fraction of the cost of launching a successful affiliate program. If you simply rely on "the network" to bring you successful affiliates, your program will fail.

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    You might also consider the results of these two threads:


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    Hi Coffee,

    Good work. Keep goin.


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    Thank you all for your information, it has been extremely useful.

    It is clear that I need to broaden my research.

    Share a sale for example seems a much better (and feasible) option.

    I agree markwealch, the cost of setting up a affiliate program far exceeds the cost of just the network - (for it to be successful). Your information has certainly opened my eyes and given me plenty of food for thought.

    The program I manage at the moment is with the Tracking Affiliate Network, whom i have been satisfied with thus far. What I really want to do is open the program up to more than one network in order to target a wider range of affiliate marketers. I am also developing a new program for another company, for which I am researching.

    Beachy, thank you for the links - I have been searching this forum for every ounce of info I can find on the subject and somehow did not come across those posts - Can't see for looking!

    Meanwhile the executive board of the company has made decisions that impact my program; time to go fight my corner

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    You might want to consider Shareasale as well. Since it is more economical, you could perhaps use the savings to pay for a dedicated Outsourced affiliate Program Manager (OPM) - there are some very talented and respectable OPM's participating at this forum. Shareasale is very respected here at ABW, and with proper promotion, can bring in some great affiliates.
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