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    Anyone heard of Affiliace?
    Hi. I wanted to know if anyone has heard of Affiliace and what your experience has been with them, as a merchant or affiliate, good or bad. I saw their ad on another forum, but I'm having a hard time finding information about them. Thanks.

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    Franklynn, did you try Google? There are over 54,000 references to Affiliace on Google.

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    I couldn't find useful information about Affiliace from a Google search.

    DomainTools informs me that the domain was first registered in May 2007, and that the contact for this UK-based company is "David James." When I re-started my search by querying for both the company and individual name, I learned that David James introduced himself here on ABW (claiming 9 years experience in internet marketing) and has also posted 59 messages on ABW from September 26, 2007 through February 5, 2008. He appears to have respected ABW rules -- so even if he sees this thread, he may feel uncomfortable responding to your question (since that might appear to be promoting his business without first paying for an ad).

    I can't find a merchant list or "offer list," but from the information I saw, it appears that Affiliace is mostly a CPA or lead-based network (not a pay-per-sale affiliate network). I can't find any meaningful feedback posted by affiliates (and I certainly have no experience with this company; I won't enroll in a network that doesn't identify any specific merchants or offers).

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    Thanks Rhea and Mark. I agree Mark, I couldn't find any useful information about Affiliace except for one thread at the digitalpoint forums where an affiliate working through Affiliace was complaining about not being paid. The Affilate manager responded very quickly and had actually paid the affiliate and a couple of others on the thread mentioned that they had been paid. So that made me feel better. I was just looking for additional feedback if anyone had any.

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