Well, I've mentioned it several times in recent threads regarding the blocking of affiliate links by Norton that someone had posted a detection script here on the boards.

Since no one seemed willing to actually go look for it, but complain and speculate, I went used that handy feature called Search and found the thread here

Unfortunately, it's now a dead url to the script. But take a look at the date of this thread May 2002 15 and a half months ago. And it was stated specifically then that Norton's Internet Security was blocking affiliate text links.

Now at the time, poor funtoon received a bit of a flaming from members. His concern regarding adblockers was put down. Hmmmm.

Funtoon has posted as recently here as a couple of weeks ago. I don't know how often he comes to ABW. But if he still has the script available, maybe he would interested in sharing it with the community again. I may have a copy of it on my old computer. But to be honest, I'm not going to try to fix the problems I have with that cpu and connect to it just to see if I have a copy of it there.

OTOH considering how some responded in the past to the script, I wouldn't blame him if he didn't want to share.

I do recall that I downloaded AdMuncher (which blocks full text links and not just CJ) and the script did work.

But this definitely is NOT a new issue. I doubt that Norton's is the overall cause behind for any recent changes in your stats. Should we be concerned about ad blockers yes. And the issue needs to be addressed. But I think it is more helpful to keep things in perspective and not just go off in a panic.

If anyone knows funtoon personally, maybe they could invite him to this thread.

Along the lines of perspective, while Norton may be a leader in antivirus software, they are NOT for personal firewalls. That would be Zone Alarm. I'm running the latest in Norton Antivirus (4.0) and there is no ad blocking feature with it. That feature is with their Firewall and Internet Security software. Doing a search on CNet and looking at the number of downloads, we are talking about approx 1 mil downloads for the 2 Norton programs combined vs approx 24 mil for ZA. I outlined in another thread exactly what ZA does as far as it's ad blocking (which someone shoot me down for posting).

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