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    Help With a SAS Merchant
    I have applied to be an affiliate of a SAS merchants weeks ago. Between ten and now I have sent the merchant two message via SAS affiliate site. The message were just asking if I could be approved. Well I still have not received a reply.

    Normally I would just write the merchant off as as dead beat but I use to be active in this particular merchant's in-house affiliate program. They converted well, had on time payments and just seemed to be a decent program. Additionally I saw that they have a SAS datafeed and would like to use it on a few sites. I'd really like to be approved for this merchants but can't seem to get through to them. Any suggestions?

    I am not including the merchants name because I don't really want to give them bad press if this is an honest mistake.

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    hmmm, usually my emails get thru to people if I send it thru SAS. I have had a few tho that don't. Only suggestion I have is if you go to the merchant's site and email them thru it. (probably won't help much I guess tho if it's just a customer service rep that gets it)

    Don't suppose they could be a member here? You probably woulda thought of that I guess. but you could try pm'ing them if they are. Probably woulda thought of this too but do you have any old contacts at all from their inhouse program?

    I'm sure the thought's probably entered your head, too....but just in case will say it anyway.....ummm if you're having a hard time contacting them now, ya might have that happen once you're in the program, too. Not usually a good sign if you're not able to contact the affiliate manager or person in charge

    Hope you make contact with them and it works out for ya.

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    Is there an email or contact form on their web site? That might work. I'd be concerned with a merchant that doesn't answer SAS emails though.

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    Is there a contact phone number on the merchants program description page or on the affiliate info page they have on their Web site? That might work if e-mail isn't doing the trick

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