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    Strange Referrer
    My website got 500 hits from a referrer this month. I checked this referrer and found that:
    - The web belongs to Korea,
    - Alexa Rank #13,808,170,
    - The web maybe for sale,
    - The content focuses on coupon ads,
    - The web has a few sponsored listings (Yahoo?),
    - The web pages have wide empty rooms.

    I could be wrong but I doubt that their hits were real hits as I could not find any link to my website.

    Does anyone out there have any idea of this kind referrer, please?
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    Referrer Log Spam. Happens all the time.

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    It also happens when they frame your site's content to use for PPC redirect landing pages. Their site looks empty or has nonsense content when the campaign is not live. I believe that some of the URL changes recently made by G were to help prevent that activity. (?)

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