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    GSiteCrawler Question
    I have been looking for a decent sitemap generator and it looks GSiteCrawler is the best free choice.

    Now, I just had it crawl one of my sites. When I look at the "URL List" tab it shows all of the URL's it is going to include. The problem is that each URL is listed twice. So instead of 1000 URL's, I have 2000 URL's listed. What the hell.

    Is this some sort of setting?

    Has something to do with the site being dynamic in nature?

    Is there a fix or setting?

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    I use this tool and have never encountered the problem which you describe. I checked to see if there was a setting to adjust and did not see one and I also did a recrawl of a couple of sites and could not duplicate your problem.......

    If you are useing this tool for the first time, you may try to download and reinstall it

    Otherwise .........I do not have the foggiest idea of how to solve your problem.
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    Has something to do with the site being dynamic in nature?
    All my sites are dynamic. Play with the "Statistics" area and see if you can get a clue and then go over your set up and filters. It's got to work.

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