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    How often are products updated
    I have been working with Popshops and with datafeeds. I see some merchants products are not listed in Popshops but they have them in their feeds and their website. Is it not listed because Popshop doesn't list all or is it that it has not been updated. Is there a place to see when this merchant's data has been last updated?

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    I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that Popshops updates their feeds once a week, but it's up to the individual merchants to submit updated feeds to PS. Some merchants do so regularly, others do not and have feeds that are way out of date with many inactive products and missing products.

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    The straight dope on product feed updates
    Hi ladidah,

    We actually import the feeds from the networks daily, but whether or not that results in an update (i.e., different data than what was shown previously) depends--as AffiliateHound said--on whether a particular merchant has supplied an updated feed to the network. Keep in mind too that some networks limit the number of updates a merchant can do in a given time period.

    Here is some additional info from the Troubleshooting section of our FAQ:

    "PopShops doesn't have every single product that my merchant carries."

    PopShops displays all products that are supplied by the merchant feed, but that won't necessarily be identical to the online store itself. For example, some merchants might leave out products that have a very low margin or where they are contractually prohibited from promoting the products through the affiliate channel.


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