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    Wordpress Plugin: Simple:Press Forum
    I wasn't able to find this when searching.

    Anyone here try out Simple:Press Forum?

    I've been playing with it on a localhost, and so far seems like an easy way to add a forum to a wordpress website. Looks fairly good too. Granted, this is the first forum I've tried (that connects or is part of wordpress), lol.. but thought I'd give a heads up for those interested.
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    I tried that plugin several months ago and didn't seem to have any luck with it. Not sure what I was doing wrong, but I kept getting some sort of error messages and it wasn't displaying correctly.

    Could've been the theme I was using, some modifications I did to the theme, or something. I've never really needed or wanted a forum badly enough to really work on it, so I honestly don't remember now what sorts of problems I had, no real opinion on the quality or usability of it.

    I'd be interested in hearing how that works for you, though, because I have some sites for which a forum might be worthwhile.
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    I'll make sure to let everyone know how it works, if I get to that stage.. I'm unsure of the concept for the site I'd put it on, lol.

    But maybe it had something to do with your theme like you are guessing? I don't have any widgets in the theme I was using (I like putting in links by hand in the sidebar), so there shouldn't be anything to interfere with the forum. It does appear on a page with the side bar, header, etc.. like a normal wordpress page, just a forum on it.

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