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    I'm not sure about how others feel on this subject, but I'm real tired of two things. Extended transactions and trying to reconcile my check amount with reports.

    Every month, more and more merchants are extending their transactions for the entire month. I understand that some of the transactions at the end of the month may need to be extended for returns, etc., but not the entire month. In my opinion, it’s becoming clear to me that merchants have figured out this little loophole in CJ’s system. Hell, if I could use someone else’s money (the affiliate) for an extra month I would to.

    I think CJ needs to tighten up on allowing a merchant to extend the entire month; maybe give them 15 days of the month to extend.

    Another thing that frustrates the hell out of me every month is trying to reconcile the check amount that I will receive with the reports. CJ needs one new simple report that shows exactly what transactions are tied to a particular check. If there is one and I’m missing it, someone please let me know.

    Between all of last months extended and locked transactions and then 90% of this months being extended, I can get anything to add up correctly. If I add up Sept. transactions that were extended and now locked along with October locked, it doesn’t correlate with the check amount. I have to add in some of October extended transactions (which shouldn’t be added in until next month) for it to add up; the whole thing is screwy.

    Anyway; Just wanted to vent.

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    On a happier note, at least you have transactions to reconcile. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]


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    As long as they come in eventually it really does not matter does it? I believe on occasion CJ extends when there is not enough money in the account to pay. My only fears are the dreaded reverses.

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