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    Anyone have experience running a wiki?
    I was only able to find this thread Blog vs. Wiki when searching, doesn't exactly give experiences with wiki though (has a monetizing idea). If a mod/admin thinks this would be better in that thread though, I won't throw anything if you merge this.

    So question for those running or had run a wiki, how was the experience? Too much work or not too bad? I do think I would set it so people have to sign up to contribute, maybe have approval needed too (or not right away at first).

    Another question. What software do people find to be best? My Fantastico offers PhpWiki and Tikiwiki. PhpWiki seems to be wiki software, while TikiWiki is that plus a lot more like a CMS. If it isn't too complicated, I'd install something else if there is better.

    What I would have loved is a wiki plugin for Wordpress, so people signing up to comment or post in the forum (plugin), would have the same account.. but sadly my google fu fails or no one has made such a plugin (well someone did, but left it for dead). So guess I could live with Wordpress/Forum and Wiki having separate signs in.. though I figure maybe TikiWiki, Joomla, etc.. might cover all three?

    Thanks for any replies.

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    Try I get no compesation from this as it is free and I know you can monetise it w/ adsense and all that.

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    I helped start a wiki at a former job last summer so this reply is more on the user side of things.
    In my experience it was exciting but difficult to get people motivated to contribute. However, once people contributed, they became excited and the wiki grew quickly.

    Advice for you: make sure you provide clear instructions on how to hyperlink, edit, etc, because I don't think a wiki will be worthwhile of subjects aren't linked to each other. I found that lots of people wanted to contribute but had no idea how to do so; we had presentations throughout the offices and also provided step-by-step instructions on a wiki page itself.

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