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Thread: Koka-Kola Available Here in the USA

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    Koka-Kola Available Here in the USA
    As part of an Olympics commemorative release, Coka-Cola has released a series of cans representing different countries around the world. While we were on vacation this past week, I bought a 12 pack of Coke for the beach house. Wouldn't you know, I scored the Russian version. I figure that they should have some 12 packs down your way if interested.

    Looks like the one here:


    [EDIT] After correcting the title a couple of times, you tell me it Koka-Kola, Koka-Kona, or Koka-Kora? They seem to have a good discussion going about it.

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    the letter that looks like /\ is the Russian L.


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    Coca-Cola has a history of nuances of translations:

    When Coke was first introduced in China, the product name 'Coca-Cola' was translated phonetically as 'ke-kou-ke-la.' It was determined-but only after a mountain of marketing materials had been produced-that those sounds, translated back into Chinese, meant either 'bite the wax tadpole' or 'female horse stuffed with wax.' An alternative was eventually found, which both closely resembled the classic pronunciation and conveyed a more alluring image: 'ko-kou-ko-le' which translates as 'happiness in the mouth.'

    Pepsi had a similar experience in Taiwan, where the translation of their slogan "Come alive with the Pepsi generation" yielded "Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead." That's a hard promise to deliver on, and an unwelcome one for anyone who prefers that their deceased ancestors remain that way (or who is concerned about population growth). Faux Pas Bedevil Overseas Marketers
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    @ Rhia7: ....

    @ sfcom: That Coca-Cola's Russian logo must be an official trademark. I remember the look of it from the Soviet times. Attaching a couple of pictures I was able to find around the net, including one of a very old bottle paper sticker.

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    If this is off topic feel free to delete it, but......

    I find it funny that when it comes to animals, the Russians like the bear, and the Americans like the eagle!

    And so far all of the Coka-Cola comercials that I have ever seen, they all have a bear on it, I have never seen an eagle and a bottle, or can of Coka-Cola on any TV comercial.


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    While I'm traveling in Houston, I stay with some friends of mine who are persian, while he lives alone, his mother often drops off "persian food" and in this case, recently, koka kola..I thought it was strange..but it tasted the same.

    Now I see why!
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