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    overstock foreign affiliates
    Our overstock account initially was deactivated when the ny sales tax store broke out. Since then we moved to Canada, I emailed overstock requesting to be reinstated. First I was told that former ny affiliate need to be LLC or corporation to be included in the program.

    Quote Originally Posted by overstock
    I am not sure the reason for the corp. or LLC status, but it is required for all former NY affiliates who have moved from NY and are wanting to be reinstated.
    Once reminded them that we actually moved out of country now was told

    OK, I see. Actually, I was not aware that you were located outside the U.S. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept international affiliates into our program at this time. However, we are expanding internationally in the next year, I would check back with us in a few months and we can give you an update of our progress.
    Anyone dealt with this situation already? any feedback about international affiliates and overstock? Thank you.

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    What kind of feedback are you looking for if they don't accept non-U.S. based affiliates?

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    if you websites is targeted for US then try explaining this to overstock. there are many affiliates who are not from US but make affiliates sites for US..see if this help

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    Thank you Snowman, id2k.

    Snowman, feedback like the one id2k posted? one that gives you a new perspective, possibilities to solve the obsticle. When I first started the site and started to apply for various programs I would say that about 30% of all join requests at least would be rejected, probably the site was a month old with little traffic? not sure. But then after few months, once the traffic picked up a little I started to email people responsible for these programs, talk to them and hear what concerns they had about our website. I would say I got about 99.9% of them to accept the site into their programs.

    id2k thank you, did not think about that and yes the site entire targets the US market and only the US market. In fact I get emails from visitors asking if it is possible to start a UK, Canada versions which I can not do at this moment unfortunately.

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