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    Declined Applications
    I am just curious. We just applied to a dozen or so LS programs and got an immediate decline that we did not meet certain criteria. What is the main reason we would get so many messages like this.

    We have been with LS for several years now with established revenue.

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    If you got an immediate decline for all of them, I would definitely contact Linkshare and ask them about it. It could be a bug.

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    try mailing the merchant or the program can find their email id in their program details at linkshare...i do this when my application is rejected and after questions and explanation the application is accepted...

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    I also applied to a merchant that I wanted to promote on one of my sites and was declined instantly.
    Logged into the new interface, and there is a place where you can add new sites and traffic counts and what the site promotes. I add the site and type, re-applied and was accepted the following Monday.
    Hope this helps.

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    You get immediate declines because the merchant has certain application filters setup and you fall into the group that they don't accept. For example, merchants can create filters to automatically decline any application from India OR any application where your website in categorized under Family or Make Money Online or Adult Website.

    Look at the categories that you have your website listed under. If you checked them all then that could be the problem. Alot of affiliates just apply to every program and merchants setup these filters to keep those kinds of people from apply to their program.

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    Thank you everyone! I will give all your suggestions a whirl.


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    Typically, when I get an e-mail from a publisher I don't care who they are. If I know they will play ball, and keep up communication I will happily add them to my program. If Improvement Direct's program wasn't one of those that automatically declined you (meaning you didn't sign up for it) please do.

    I know that a quick e-mail is the fastest way to my heart, and I am sure that's the same for a lot of other merchants.

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