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    Ebay Leaks
    Ebay's been leaky for awhile, much to my extreme annoyance. Today I noticed an especially annoying leak: a banner for MSN's cash back site.

    I would link it so you could see what I am talking about, but the banner rotates, and now I can't get it to show for me again. But it was definitely there.

    I think maybe it's time to start a conversation where affiliates exchange tips about avoiding sending our traffic to leaky spots on ebay.

    Editor kits and scripts like phpbay seem to be one pretty good defense. However, unfortunately, they do not seem to work in cases where there are no core listings available, only store listings.

    I'd be interested in hearing how other affiliates are dealing with avoiding the leaks. Thanks in advance for any insights.

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    Those 468*60, 275*300, 125*125, 728*90 banners have been there for quite some time.
    The banners are being powered by Yahoo and you pay a pretty penny to be there.

    It's hard to block it but as far as i know, they are in these places

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    Thanks for responding, Eric. However, it's beside the point whether I have the ads blocked. What I am concerned about is how much of the traffic I am sending ebay is being diverted. Whether I see the ads or not is irrelevant.

    Speaking as an ebay buyer, I already bought something (makeup) through a "sponsored link" on the ebay web site. I was satisfied with the purchase and will return to that site again for all my future makeup purchases. I used to buy a significant amount of my makeup on ebay. Ebay lost my business on that particular type of item. Dumb move on their part, I think, to give up all future business for a few cents in ad money. Considering that, I do think affiliates should be concerned about the leaks, which seem to me to be getting worse every day.

    I know the ads have been an issue for some time now. And I've been bothered by them all along, don't get me wrong. But seeing this particular ad for the MSN site was particularly disturbing to me.

    Am I the only affiliate who is bothered by this? Does no one else care?

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    Amy, those adds, leaks have always bothered me and I can only imagine how much they bother the bigger ebay sellers.

    One thing that really has me a little ticked is if I link to a certain page that has only 6 or seven products up for auction but then has more products in the stores which are listed below that. The problem is that there will be a big add right after the first 6 or so items making it look like that's all the products there are because the add divides the other products and pushes them below the fold.

    Of course I know I could link to the store items but in most cases the better prices are the ones above. Don't know if this makes any sense or not

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