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    I ask myself this question lots of time.. but i didnt find the answer... So here is the question... why affiliate networks dont send our revenue with fast money transfer systems as like western union or money gram, etc... I think this system's cost less than sending cheque to worldwide... they can cut all fee from affiliates comissions... if an affiliate accept receive payments through Western Union...

    for example:
    cj will send my cheque on september 20 14:00pm i'll receive it on october 2... and it takes a month for clearance... this means i have to wait around 45 days for convert my cheque to cash... But if cj send my money through Western union i'll receive it september 20 14:15pm

    but all networks very insensitive about it...

    UtOpiA StiLL uNBorN

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    They probably don't do it that way due to the costs involved as well as the extra work that entails. Have you ever sent anything by Western Union? I did once and it was a real pain.

    Plus, they would then have to send the western union pick up info to each person. It would be a logistical and security nightmare IMO.


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