First of all, I just signed up and LOVE the product. Cannot wait to put up my first store!

Now to an issue. I am using the dynamic category search feature to build my navigation bar. I would like to have the dynamic category search include products from many merchants...let's say 20 merchants from example. How do I make sure all those merchants products show up?

So far, the only way I have been able to do it is to select at least one product from each vendor to show on the home page. This seems to trigger the "filter" when a search, or dynamic search is done. However, it also means that 20 products will show up per page...and I only wait 8 or 10 max.

Is there some kind of query string that can be passed to popshops so that the pagination feature gets triggered the way I want it to?

Hopefully it is something simple that I missed. If not, this would be a cool and useful feature enhancement.