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    Dynamic Coupon Feed Gets Updated Regularily?
    I created and am using a coupon feed from the Avantlink interface. I was wondering if that feed is updated regularily by itself or is there something I need to do to update it? I just haven't seen a lot of new coupons in the feed in the past few weeks each time I pull the feed using the Get Html Source. Thanks.

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    You probably saw this. When you get a new merchant you have to go in and add them to your feed. The rest is automatic.

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    Unless you're using one of the flat file download options for the coupon feed, it will dynamically updated to your site when the merchant makes updates. The integration methods that will dynamically update to your site include RSS and Javascript.

    If you're using one of the two dynamic integration methods, and not seeing updates on your site, that's b/c the merchant is not updating the feed regularly. If you'd like to let me know who the merchant is I'd be happy to bring their attention to this thread, and request for more regular updates to their coupon feed.

    Note conversely that the raw file download versions of the coupon feed will be updated when the merchants add/remove ads, but of course with the flat files you'd need to see that those updates make it to your site pages by way a script or manual posting.


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