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    Stumbleupon Advertising
    Just wondering if anybody has tried it out and if so, how's it working? Was just going thru some stats and checking out some free traffic I'm getting from them and noticed Not sure if it's been there all the time and I've just never noticed it before. Thanks.

    Should say it starts at 5 cents per targetted visitor -

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    Tried it last December and I got *maybe* one conversion from a few hundred visitors. There's very limited targeting so it just didn't work out too great for me.

    - Scott
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snib
    Tried it last December and I got *maybe* one conversion from a few hundred visitors. There's very limited targeting so it just didn't work out too great for me.
    - Scott
    I've not tried it. But just spent about 20 minutes looking through and the targeting hit me also as a problem. Very difficult to reach the right consumer.

    Also, stumbleupon has always hit me as a 'time killer', I'm not using it to find something to buy, but rather a way to kill time during lunch or when I need a break. I do see it as being a decent way to drive eyeballs to a new site and making them aware of it. I may try it for a site I have that could interest those looking to be engaged with entertainment and fluff but not sales pitches.
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    Another minor problem:
    A large portion of our Firefox users have added the NoScript add-on to their browser. This is one of the top-10 most popular extensions for Firefox. This extension blocks any javascript calls that the user doesn't approve of. Blocking javascript causes Urchin, Google Analytics, Webtrends, etc to not work. These tracking services never see the traffic because NoScipt blocks it.
    It seems that I just recently read that SAS has changed to .js in their redirects? Might mean extremely poor commissions from StumbleUpon traffic.

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    Yup I tried clicking one of my Shareasale links using NoScript & got blocked: but they give you a link (which doesn't seem to pass aff tracking)

    Acc. to this site over 6 % of users are not javascript enabled.
    I'm sure a higher % of them are firefox users (& not just stumblers).

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    Hey Trust,

    I've been active with SU for almost 3 years now and while I've found it to be a great social networking tool, the paid advertising really doesn't offer much value. I've got a lot more traffic from the free side then I ever did from a paid advertising campaign with them.

    Hope this helps...

    -- Todd
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    I've tried to set up an advertising campaign with them for months - something always gets messed up. I finally sent an email asking why they wouldn't take my money. LOL

    Seems they don't know what they're doing in their advertising department yet.

    One of my sites got very viral on S.U. over the past 6 months and the traffic is unreal. Too bad it's a site that I never monetized. :-(

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    I already get traffic from them and occasionally some spikes. Makes me wonder about this:

    Can I set spending/traffic limits?
    Yes. You can limit each campaign to a maximum number of visitors per day. You can also set a global maximum dollar spend per day. When a limit is met, no more traffic will be delivered until the following day (Pacific Standard Time). There is no minimum spend - you can spend as much of as little as you want.
    I'm just wondering if I'll lose the traffic I'm already getting from there. I'll pop em off an email and ask....

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    I have never used them in a paid sense either, Trust. I do get some unpaid traffic from them though. On a similar note, keep an eye on your inbox for Facebook ads vouchers. The one I got the other day was $50. Not sure if I would invest much in them...but who can turn down free?


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