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    Walmart using Click ads at top
    Just noticed that Walmart is now using ads at the top of their product pages.
    Not making enough selling their products? Is it really worth distracting customers with large flashy ads at the top? Well I know it won't do affiliates any good!


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    I stopped promoting Walmart after Christmas when I noticed that they happily accepted my traffic and sales but only wanted to pay for a small portion- i.e- exceeded return days, non-commissionable , etc

    Happy Holidays.

    I probably still have a few links out there though.

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    I noticed the ads on top yesterday. Today I see adwords at the bottom of the page. Hard to believe that Walmart would send their own traffic away to other sites.

    Edit - The adwords only show when you use the search function and they show even if Walmart has the products you are searching for.

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    Maybe their margins are so small, they make more on CPM ads and adsense, then if people buy their products. half kidding

    Hello, and Welcome to Walmart (ads)

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    What's funny is that they actually paid someone for that stroke of brilliance.

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    The Yahoo news is interesting and yet the ads right now are Google. Clicking on What's This gives's Sponsored Links are provided by the Google AdWords™ program. Companies pay for these links to have their products and services appear with specific search terms. These listings are administered, sorted and maintained by Google.
    Clicking on sponsored links will take you away from The website you link to is not endorsed by Wal-Mart.

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