Good morning

I cannot for the life of me work this EPN affiliate program out, and I'm sure I'm not the only one going through this at present.

Got half a dozen sites set up for EPN, good quality content etc, the works. Went straight to EPN on April 1st 08.

April $16 May $113 - commissions started to come in regularly, 3-5 a day, June so far $37, traffic and click throughs to Ebay increasing steadily.

The crunch came on June 5th earlier this month.

Commissions dropped like a stone, worse than a concrete hang glider, absolutely plummeted from regular commissions coming in every day to absolute zero. Received just one commission since at a whopping great 50 cents.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that if traffic is the same or increasing, that sales made via my half dozen sites, either ought to remain about the same as in May or be steadily increasing as traffic gets better after hours put in over recent weeks in seo etc, all whitehat of course.

What good reason could there be for commissions to stop so suddenly on June 5th of this month?

Not technically minded here, but I'm suspecting strongly that there are tracking issues at play here, also since April 1st just one (big deal) ACRU.

Been reading at EPN forum on eBay the issue with Auctiva, I'm wondering if that is wholly the problem or whether it is a tracking issue in general? Emailed eBay, no response, emailed the company I use for putting the sites together, they're about as hopeless as a dead parrot, no help at all, so I'm wondering if anyone here may provide some clues to what is going on?

On this thread:

I'm 'Aquatints' - you can see my posts on page 3 towards the end. Steve from eBay is promising a reply on Thursaday, today still in the U.S., it's now Friday morning here in the UK, quarter to 2 am. He's cutting it bloody fine as per his promise to make good on his getting back to everyone with an answer to this question regarding @uctiva.

I was going to make a test purchase soon via a friends computer on eBay going through one of my sites just to see if the sale was recognised, I just have this funny feeling somehow, that it won't be.

I take it I'm not the only one going through this at the moment?