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    How Do You Finding a Widget Based on Ad Size
    Amazon has a great variety of widgets available, but one of the things I find frustrating about the way they make you 'build' your widgets is that you have to first select the widget type, then select the product(s) to promote, and then (finally) you select the widget size.

    The problem with this is that not all widgets are available in all sizes. So, unless you know all the sizes available for all widgets, you have to go poking around until you find a widget that's available in the size you need.

    For example, if you want to fill a 300x250 ad block with an Amazon widget, there are probably only a couple or a few widgets that come in that size...but there's no way to know which ones unless you try to build each type.

    Am I off base on this? I submitted a question to Amazon about it, but no response.


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    Amazon Acknowledged it's an Issue; but no Solution
    Well, I had the opportunity to ask Amazon this question at Affiliate Summit in Boston - during one of the better breakout sessions (led by representatives from the Amazon Associates program). The speakers were receptive to the issue - but said they didn't have a solution.

    Makes me feel a little better that I wasn't just overlooking some obvious feature...but I hope they consider my suggestion, and let users narrow their widget search by ad size soon!

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