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Thread: Malcolm Left

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    Malcolm Left
    Is that right? I was just checking out Affiliates4U which I always considered the UK version of ABW and saw this thread from a week ago -

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    yes trust, Malcolm is no longer with and although we will miss working with Malcom, has great people working and supporting the network and we're looking forward to the many great things they will be offering affiliate partners and merchant clients.
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    Yes indeed, Malcolm was one of the good guys. I wish him all the best in his next endeavor, whatever that may be.
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    Wow, huge loss for
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    Awwhhh I knew he had left but thought it was just the US Had thought it just meant he was goin back home to work at the in the UK. Reaaaallly sad he's not gonna be part of it any longer and will definitely miss him.

    Agree that it's definitely a gigantic loss for them. They shoulda never have let him get away from them. Definitely wish him all the best in what he'll do next and hope he'll be very happy with whatever it is. Definitely agree he's one of the good guys Do think he'll be very happy he's back home, tho. and am sure his family and friends are happy.

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    Hi my name is Charlie Calabrese and I'm one of the new guys at in the US. We are definitely sad to see Mal leave. He is back home in the UK, I saw him a few weeks ago and he was in great spirits.

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    Mal, in may ways I've identified with you. It is certainly sad to see you go... What are you doing next, mate?


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    I can't believe I missed this thread! I'm sure that Mal has moved on to bigger and better, but I will definitely miss him!
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