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    Adsense Reports Delayed (I hope!)
    Reports are back up, but I am seeing virtually the same data as when they went off line this morning. Hoping this is just a delay.
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    It seems that they go offline almost every Saturday, and when they come back up, stats are at the same place as when they went off. They do seem to catch up in a couple of hours or so.

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    Just checked my stats (just got home). They seem to be at about the right place for this time on a Saturday night. (Paid for dinner and a few beers. )

    Looks like June will be the best month so far this year. I don't believe AdSense will ever be what it was a couple of years ago, but earnings do seem to be improving over this time last year.
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    Their email said that tracking will not be affected (where have I heard that before), but I only have a tiny fraction of normal earnings. WTF??
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