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    I can't seem to figure out how CJ determines affiliate's payments. I just checked and it said they are processing mine and to check back tomorrow. The amount is fine, but I want to know what do they base it on? Is it from the 1st of one month to the 1st of another? I don't think so, as the amounts don't jive. Does anyone know how to determine it? I'd sure appreciate it!

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    You know, it always seems more trouble than it's worth figuring that out, but I'm sure, somehow, either dice or Yu-Gi-oh cards are involved, lol.

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    Your commission cheque is cut on the 20th of the month - for commissions due you from the previous month. Therefore your Oct/2002 commissions will disbursed on Nov 20 or earlier.

    If your commissions are showing "Locked" (from the advanced reporting tab) they will be included in your cheque. Locks will show up on the 10th - 11th.

    The commissions paid out current, are determined by the total amount earned net of reversals and extensions. Some merchants extend - they have the right to do that, into the next month, a way of confirming any returns or other concerns that may arise in the following 30 days.

    Hope that helps - we all had to ask the first time!


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    I've always worked it out like this:

    Take the day of your birthday, multiply it by pi, add 150 and subtract the number you first thought of.

    Pretty accurate, huh ?

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    Yes, but it appears that CJ has their own secret value of pi. Last I heard their formula of pi was based on a rectangle. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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