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    January 18th, 2005
    Question For HecticDMC!
    Hi Daniel,

    You don't have to reply to this post, you can just ignore my stupid question, but...

    If you decide to reply, all I want to know is if that avatar it's a picture of the real you, or just what I think it's... A picture of that guy on one of those "Die Hard" movies?

    Yippee-ki-yay! By: Bruce Willis

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    I'll answer for Hectic

    Yes ... that is the real Hectic ... I've met the man twice ... and I'll get smacked the next time for not calling him Daniel

    P.S. This is working on the current image he has for his avatar ... just in case he rotates it

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    Top notch thread! Aces! Yep, it's the real me, and actually, the pic was taken with my MacBook Pro's camera on a plane. So, I guess it does have that kind of Die Hard element

    I don't mind it when most people call me Hectic, but once you've known me for a couple of years I'll start bugging you to call me Daniel Sue gets that, and Debbie and a few others that cross over from my time with CafePress.

    Thanks for the early morning pick-me-up!
    Daniel M. Clark
    Tech Manager
    Greg Hoffman Consulting

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