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    Thumbs down "Your IP Address negatively affected performance of our website..."
    Just tried opening from Russia (we flew back in for the summer about a week ago) and got this:

    You have been blocked from accessing due to activity traced to your IP Address that has negatively affected the performance and availability of our Web site.
    Wow.... There goes the reputation of Russian internet service providers (due to the hackers and other idiots they let into their networks). Reminds me of that post by Donuts where he talked about a Russian hacker from St. Petersburg around a year ago.


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    I know that Russian spammers are the most aggressive in some cases. When you get a few hundred spam attacks from Russians it tends to get ugly. Mostly cuz there are hard to control.

    As a result, many ISP's {& others} have out right banned any Russian traffic. In my area of responsibility I have done this very aggressively & in fact asked them to utilise other resources that we provide.

    The sad part is that there is a difference between a fixed ip static ip stickey ip & a dedicated ip.

    I'll guess that 90% of all users ***DO NOT*** have a dedicated ip. this means it is shared & you will get RBHL'ed likity split.

    You are right. This is sad. I wish there was a software that detected 2 users on a shared ip as an enhanced ip cop.

    A good hardware hack perhaps ?

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    Use a proxy. Just like all the hackers do....

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    My ISP uses proxies and I find myself blocked occasionally because of it, most notably at Webado's site where they call me a slimy pirate while they block me.

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