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    Hello Everyone,

    Having some issues understanding the PPC issues, everyone writes about on the forums...

    So if a merchant advertises on google/yaho/etc they have a set of keywords they bid on, say 100 or so.

    Then, this merchant signs up for shareasale. Does the merchant need to list all the 100 keywords on shareasale merchant policy's, to have advertisers not compete with the original goog/yahoo/etc keywords ?

    Sorry I'm a beginner here. If you could dumb your answer down, that would be great.


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    Hi Centercaps. No, the merchant can set guidelines for affiliates to follow and then those stick. So you could say or any variation of this phrase. Or you can say please ask for pre-approval before you begin using PPC advertising and send out an email to each affiliate who wants to use PPC a list of prohibited words. Then they know all of the words they cannot use. You can also make a negative words list that they are required to use so your words and phrases are protected.

    There are lots of ways to do it. The only issue you may face is enforcing it. Be careful how restrictive you get though as you may turn off some of the top PPC affiliates who do not break the rules because they do not want to deal with a Merchant who may give them issues if they change their mind or put too many restrictions down.
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