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    Unknown Person Applying to Aff Network for My Site
    Maybe this is normal, but I don't recall it happening before to me. I get an email from the "contact us" link on my site from an affiliate manager on one of the networks I do not belong to. The aff manager said they received an application for my site, but was unable to confirm the application through normal channels.

    I emailed back explaining that I did not apply to their program through that network. I am unsure whether or not I should think anything of this. The app did include a persons name that I do not recognize.

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    It does happen. People try to gain access into a network using a site that does not belong to them. I am sure the reasons are malicious, so that's why it's important to do exactly what that network did.. find a way to contact the "real" site owner and authenticate the app.

    Ownership authentication is the very first thing we do on every new application to our network..

    I'll add, sometimes it's easy to confirm ownership. As the case when someone submits their application with an email address based on the domain name submitted. All it takes then is an email response to prove ownership. If someone applies with a good looking site, yet they have a hotmail email addy listed, that's a red flag. And at that point steps have to be taken to find the domain name holder records, contact them through a site form, etc.

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