So besides setting up an inhouse program, we will be looking to run some specific offers in the various networks.

I know the answer will vary but what is the networks general operating procedure for how much is required in escrow. We have SAS for a very small fee, then cj which is much bigger and quite a few networks in between.

So in a hypothetical situation we have $500 in escrow at SAS, yet we are doing 2K per day, how do the networks handle this situation? Do they have some sort of balance that is necessary to have on file which will cover say a two week period, or do they "hope" you are going to pay before they have to pay. Of course it is stupid to not pay, but we have all seen ths scenario on every network. If your balance dips below whatever minimum they require, do they give you something like 72 hours to pay up, or how do the networks handle this to make sure they are not holding the bag for your due commissions.