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    Question Is a new affiliate association on the horizon?
    I just caught up a bit on the Pma issue.

    So if I get this right most Abw folks are not happy with the folks nominated since they are parasite friendly.

    A few are waiting to see how the voting goes until they stay or drop out.

    There is a bunch of spirited debate along those lines.

    My take is the Pma is not going to happen with the general support of the Abw members.

    What I don't like here is this wait and see attitude.
    It is leaving the development of an true affiliate association at a dead stand still.

    If the consensus is the Pma isn't going to work for those of us here, let's get another association going of our own, as in NOW.

    There is certainly enough momentum at this time to wait to see what develops is not going to help us, we all seem to believe the Pma is toast.

    We know generally what we want at this point from dealing with a that 600 post thread.

    If someone here can get the ball rolling in the next few days or weeks I would assume the whole thing can get to second base at the Summit where many of us will be.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan367
    If the consensus is the Pma isn't going to work for those of us here, let's get another association going of our own, as in NOW.Dan
    Dan, I agree and you are an affiliate right? So get the ball rolling yourself, which you already are here with this post, lol

    In other words start a talk (not a debate but focus ) on how to best form a group 'first' of 'affiliates only' that are new or old and a few top affiliates in the industry. But you don't need an association type business formed yet or discussion on it, you need first a group of people that are like minded and that will exist only of affiliates to form a partnership group, no networks, opms, or merchants just affiliates. At a later time when the need arises the group/association should look for support and I'm sure will get it but as a third parties to help affiliates, don't start looking for sponsers or Ads just for the sake of making it look good and bringin in others.

    And by the way when I say affiliates only, it should be affiliates that do 'performance marketing and get paid by merchants direct or through networks with 'pay for performance' only not get into the other types of affiliate industries as it is way to vast and too many opinions on it. The NY tax example was based on pay for performance affiliates so getting in on that first can help in forming your group which is very big and lots of ethical and powerful players.

    Affiliates in this group which can later talk more and meet next year about an association and to how to best form it can start contributing ideas and resources and perhaps when needed these affiliates can little by little contribute monies if needed later. Set the ideas and rules and suggestions in one place here on abw and let affiliates slowly contribute to it to form it later.

    Btw, I would like to see such a group/association formed by 'etchical affiliates only' as an affiliate that in the end helps all in the industry with issues, and any laws but as an OPM I would stay out of it and not want to be in that group so as not to influence or be biased but just a supporter like that third party like I mentioned above.

    just my 2c

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