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    January 17th, 2005
    After receiving a termination notice from a merchant I clicked on their drop program link.
    Then they send me this email

    As we have just launched the program we are looking for strong CJ Publishers, to work with. I would like to understand why you joined then quickly dropped our program?

    Now I have to wonder when I am terminated or rejected if it is just a cj error or real.

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    In a case like this, I'd *have* to email the merchant back and try to get to the bottom of it. It could be a case of a CJ screwup, or it could be that at the merchant the "right hand doesn't know what the left hand's doing"--someone else in the office besides the one who emailed you, may have actually hit "drop affiliate" without bothering to tell anyone else in the office.

    Makes me wonder about a notice I got recently...

    I didn't bother to hit "drop"--after all, *they* hit it and as far as I'm concerned they can therefore rot for the 7 days--so I don't know what would have happened if I did so. But I suppose I'll find out if it's a real notice when the 7-day period is up--either my status with them will change from "joined"...or NOT!

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