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    January 18th, 2005
    One of the members suggest that I check out another forum, that contian sites of other members that needed comments about thier sites
    I click on site reviews and saw

    Web Site Critique Template!

    Overall Look

    The web visitor does not trust you. If your site looks unprofessional it reinforces his concern. If it looks keen and professional, you assuage his worry and give yourself a chance. You don't need expensive professional graphics, just a clean, simple, attractive, and professional look.

    Effective Front Page

    Your front page makes or breaks your site. Think billboard. What is your message? What is the one thing you want your visitor to know? Tell her simply, clearly, and immediately.


    Navigation is more than buttons. It is the underlying logic of the choices you give your visitor. The navigation should be apparent on every page. Give your visitor less rather than more choices. Make it simple.

    Graphics Usefulness

    Visitors do not return to slow sites. Your bandwidth eater is graphics. Only use the graphics that are absolutely necessary. If they add significantly to the message you are making, keep them. If they make navigation easy, keep them. Otherwise, dump them.

    Graphics Size

    Use thumbnails whenever possible. When you can’t, make the graphics as small as possible. Get a good graphics compression program and learn to use it. You can typically compress by 4/5 s with acceptable degradation. The single most obvious indication of an unprofessional site is uncompressed graphics.

    Word Use

    Use short simple sentences. Use as few sentences as possible. Most surfers do not read your words. None will if you drone on. Make your point and stop.

    Highlight Key Words

    Highlight the very few words (2 or 3) in each paragraph which explain the purpose of the paragraph. Your reader will scan these. If interested, he will read the rest.

    Make the text easy to read

    Publishers have a 500 year head start on you. Learn from them. They use dark text on a light background. They break up wide pages into column. Why? Because it makes the material easy to read. Do what they do.

    Me versus You

    Unprofessional sites say "me, me, me", professional sites say "you, you, you". Every word you write should be directed at what is in it for the visitor and none should be directed at bragging about you. The goodwill you seek from your visitor will derive from the respect you grant your visitor.

    Gut the Gimmicks
    Get rid of all the superfluous junk that you have found to tack onto your site. If it doesn’t augment your message, it just wastes bandwidth and angers customers. Don’t use tunes. Your visitors hate them. Get rid of the canned animations. They look stupid and eat up bandwidth. Nix the counters. Nobody cares.

    Ilove it Thanks Sandra

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    January 18th, 2005
    Dang Janet,

    You made me a non butthead today! Glad you can use it, hope it works well for you

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    I agree on Me versus You, always use the word you or us, but never use "me"


    aim: ssn jason

    "If someone says can't, that shows you what to do." -- John Cage

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