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    Give Me a Merchant Promotions Tool that Works
    Linkshare has been a thorn in my side when it comes to pulling promotional links for LS merchants by way of some web or the like interface. With CJ, you can get a ftp delivery of all merchant joined promotions. With SAS, you can use the coupons/deals database. With Avantlink, you can create your own single feed. Even Performics will ftp you their oranglinks that contain some merchant promotions.

    Linkshare, on the other hand, is very behind with this kind of tool. I know they have some LinkLocatorDirect service, but the one example I saw did not make use of PHP nor could I get it to work. Do I have to fork over the $$$ to get their datafeeds in the hopes that I can also receive promotions in with the product feed?

    I won't even go into the new Linkshare interface. I still use the old one. Is Linkshare actively trying to lose merchants and publishers?

    Linkshare, can you please throw me a bone and allow me to pull or you to push promotional links for my merchants in some form of a supported tool/api that actually works?

    Is that asking too much? Whatever logic you are using going forward, please stop and take a moment to look at SAS or Avantlink.

    I do want to continue to be a Linkshare publisher, but you really are forcing my hand by not offering productive tools that can be easily implemented by the average affiliate.
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