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    Google Adwords almost got me good!
    Anyone else notice some tracking problems the last 3 weeks?

    I started up a campaign, set my pricing and such. As time went by I was getting no impressions. It was confusing, zero?! So last week I upped the bids a little, just to see if I could at least get an impression. Maybe that was dumb, but I kept the daily total really low.

    Glad I did that. As of yesterday, google still said no clicks or impressions.

    Today I log in, I have 5 clicks and 977 impressions. Dating back for three weeks ago. Even more confusing.. google wasn't telling me about any of this?

    At least it was only 5 clicks (think I got a sale from 1 or 2 lol), but heck, lets say I'm hitting my daily max each day.. I would have had no clue. Good thing I do keep the daily total low.

    So umm.. anyone have this happen before? Or anyone getting zero impressions.. you might want to be careful, maybe you are getting them plus clicks. (Another reason why you should make sure that daily total isn't set too high!)

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    Are you referring to a content campaign or search?
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    Oh, sorry.

    Search campaign. I have content turned off.

    And google is now showing the impressions/clicks going back three weeks. So I didn't get them all since yesterday. Just bit odd it wasn't reporting this sooner.

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