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    Publisher vs. Consumer Coupons
    I'm . What's the difference between the two?

    Are the publisher coupons only for publishers to shop with (like a special discount for being a valued member - in this case, an affiliate of the merchant) or can they be used by consumers as well?

    Are consumer coupons only for consumers and not publishers?

    Which of these coupons can affiliates show on their sites?

    Man, I'm getting more by the minute. Can someone please explain this?

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    Publisher usually means affiliate and publisher coupons are those that affiliates can post on their sites. Consumer coupons are usually the rest. From newsletters, catalogs etc. As to which ones you can post, it varies between the merchants, went into it some here -

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    Where did you see this distinction? The context might help.

    Sometimes there are deals in network newsletters referred to as publisher deals vs consumer deals. you said "coupons", but your wording reminds me of this.

    Publisher deals are incentives for affiliates, sometimes bonus deals, commission deals, spiffs, etc.

    Consumer deals are those that the merchant provides to you to pass on to your visitors.

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    Thanks for trying to clarify things for me guys. Still, it's a tad bit confusing.

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