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    Selling huge PTC site with revenue ($70 a month)
    Hi everyone
    I own several get-paid-to-visit websites and right now I don't have time to maintain them all.

    Thus I am selling a PTC site with 3000 members, pending contracts, a brand new design and everything along with it. It even has a new email confirmation script which weeds out the spammers.

    While it's nice to rake in the profits, PTC is not my avenue, and I know there are people out there who could benefit from a nice snazzy highly-trafficked website. Therefore I am selling the site at the cut-throat price of $160, with all outstanding payments paid by the time you take it over. Earnings are approximately $70.00 a month and growing. I'm sure you can turn it over for a nice profit that I once longed for.

    Also included in the sale is the domain (registered until a year from June 2008) and free hosting for life. Consider the power of harnessing 3000 unique human beings into much-needed traffic (And having gotten 3000 in a month!). I think my Google Analytics hasn't quite recovered from the shock.

    Thank you.

    Proof, from previous owner:

    My loss is your gain!

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    OK.....I will buy it. Not because I want it or need it but more for a well documented learning and educational experience.

    Please contact me at iownie at iownies dot com to make transfer arrangements.


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    And this is why spam and Nigerian scams work...



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    Send me $160 via PayPal and I'll let you consider it an "educational experience". I won't give you anything of value for the $160, but at least I'm upfront about it.

    If you can get your "educational experience" for $160, you're doing good. Many of us have spent far more than that on "educational experiences".

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