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    Sheraton and Westin Commission Errors
    Sheraton and Westin both commission at the time of the booking (not when the stay is completed). In CJ, they list the total rate booked and then list the percentage commission. Beginning in early June, some of my Sheraton and Westin bookings (but not all of them) started posting as $0.00 for the booking amount and $0.00 for the commission. I wrote to both the affiliate manager and to the CJ program manager who handles all Starwood brands. After a week when neither responded, I opened a ticket through CJ. They responded telling me to check the Advertiser Detail as some hotel merchants pay at the time the reservation is consumed. That made me really angry because I know that's not how these programs work and the person who responded would have known that if she had simply done what she told me to do. Useless CJ customer support. Anyway, I responded that's not how these program work and to please get this resolved as there is clearly a mistake. That was a month ago and after numerous followups and finally a response from the program manager that they are looking into it, this still hasn't been resolved and I continue to get $0.00 bookings along with other correctly reported bookings. This morning, I got this response from CJ:
    Technical Support is working closely with the Advertiser to resolve this issue. The problem has been difficult for the Advertiser to isolate and fix in a timely manner. They appreciate your patience. If you no longer wish to do business with the Advertiser, you can stop promoting them or remove them all together from your program.
    I find that last sentence extremely condescending. Do they think I don't know that myself? Also, when CJ is aware of an issue like this, all of that merchant's affiliates should be informed. It amounts to the same thing as a tracking issue.

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    This has still not been fixed and CJ has never sent a notification to affiliates. CJ manages these programs.

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    I finally got a response this morning from the CJ program manager:
    these were actually cancellations that were coming through the pixel as bookings (but not actually correcting a booking that is already in CJ). They are making a change on their end to prevent this from showing up in CJ reporting.

    Corrections to bookings are loaded at the beginning of each month.
    If it wasn't correcting a booking that was already in CJ, how can it be attributed to a specific affiliate? Anyone know how this could happen from an affiliate tracking/reporting perspective?

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