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    Does the AVG link checker cause PPC links to be clicked twice?
    As I mentioned in another thread today, I've been getting loads of "Link Code Error" in my invalid link report and have been wondering if it's connected to the AVG link checker causing all the latest brouhaha (it's an antivirus program that now checks clicked Google, Yahoo, etc., SERP links before letting users proceed to the destination URL).

    So my question is whether this AVG retardation is causing double the amount of clicks - the user click and the link check. This one has caught me by surprise and now I have to go back and check my logs/stats, etc., but maybe you've already answered the question yourself?

    Do ordinary link checkers disguise themselves as browsers like this one does? Somehow I doubt it. In any case AVG is probably far more widespread...

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    avg sucks so bloated now but I wouldn't be surprised if it was clicking the link as a browser of some sort

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