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    How can I put up a video game store easily?
    I have the domain name(s), hosting, databases, etc. Is there an easy way to just put up a store that sells video games?
    Like a plugin module or something?
    I just put in a piece of code and the whole store appears on my site?

    I really dont want to mess around with shopping carts and payment processing and inventory. I just want to send my blog traffic to my store and get a commission for someone else to handle all of that.


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    short answer would be that you first need to sign up with 'networks' that act as a middle man between you (affiliate/publisher) and merchants. Given your niche you could try places like commissionjunction, linkshare, and amazon (there are plenty more). After you've signed up at these networks, aside from amazon you need to individually apply to merchants that sell the types of products you want to sell (e.g. at CJ).

    Then..... once all that is in place, there are some easy options that will allow you to make a store with more/less a snippet of code. Two to check out are goldencan and popshops -- each has a presence here on ABW.

    Have Fun!

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    Also Amazon's aStore -

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