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    Back in the day I use to own a site name I made some money from it but not much. I worked hard to keep it up but I ran into some money problems, so my site was shut down and 4 months later I lost my domian name. I took it hard, it was my dream to own a online business.
    Now I am coming back to give it another try but now I fear that this site won't get any hits or sell.
    I was wondering , that if I put my time and effort can I earn money to were I can sit at home and build my businee more? Because right now I have some doubts. I am on limit funds so I don't have money to pay for advertisement.
    When I read the post and members stating the amount that they make... I want that to.

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    Hi dlgns,

    it could happen, it will take tons of time.

    Just think positive and be creative, read alot of old post here.

    any business is scary to start, but with your determination you can make it.

    alot of people done it, so you can do it too!

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    If you think the internet is the key to "quick riches" just recall all those dot com's that no longer exist and they even started out with TONS of venture capital money.

    Is it possible - YES - are the odds with you NO.

    Some advise - DON'T buy information , at least not till you are making some dollars - there is enough FREE info around if you search. At the forums and from members who will share with you. ( if you want send me a PM ( private message ) and I can tell you how I started )

    Be prepared to spend 24/7 for a long while without much returns.

    Decide whether you want to maintain your integrity or sell out for a quick dollar. One gives you quicker dollar returns , but puts you closer to the devil. ( I won't help you there as I value integrity above the dollar )

    If my candor hasn't discouraged you , and you are willing to make the commitment , I wish you the best of luck. You can do it and ABW members are willing to help.

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    Yes it is possible. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. However, it is worth it.

    Do all affiliates make money? The anser is no. Most do not. However, most give up if they don't see the money coming in quickly. If you persevere, you can be rewarded with a lot of money for your efforts.

    The hardest part is knowing that there are affiliates out there who are earning thousands per week, and you are still stuck on a few dollars. However, most of those affiliates who are earning thousands per week started off by earning a few dollars. I am one of them. I made $17 last September. This September has resulted in rather more than that.

    DO NOT copy another site. This is the worst thing that anyone can do, and you will lose out in the long run.

    Come up with your own ideas, and work on building quality pages. Not quanitity, but quality.

    It is better to have 1 quality page that brings in 100 visitors a day than having 100 poor quality pages that bring in 1,000 visitors. Getting more visitors does not automatically mean that you will get more money. If you have poor quality pages that do not target what you are promoting, then the visitor is not going to result in a commission.

    I could build 100,000 pages today. However, I am probably going to work on less than 10. Spending time understanding why people buy from one site rather than another will help you succeed in this business.

    If you build thousands of vague pages, then you might get the visitors from Google, but will you make money? Probably not.
    If you build 1,000 quality pages, you won't get as many visitors as you would if you had a million pages, but you might make more money. If you understand the reason why, then you are well on your way to success!

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    Can you make it you ask yourself?

    My answer was and is:

    Without a doubt!

    I was and have been in your shoes asking myself that very question since about 97. Back then I made all the classic mistakes such as websites that offer information like "how to make money online" and other blunders.

    Funny that some of my first sites were about making money online .... while I did see a few bucks it was hardly anything to write home about!

    Flash forward to 2001:

    By this time I had set up a very long term plan for myself. Infact I would be willing to say it was so long term I did not even really think about the "making money part" for the first nine months.

    If there is one tip I would give you it would be this:

    Think about creating a site built from love, a site that focuses on one thing. Pleasing people...

    find a topic you love and create a super site. Pick a hobby or what ever. I choose food and recipes and spent about 9 months to a year on building a site people would rememeber, the search engines would love and most importantly it offered me a stepping stone. Also a nice benefit is that people tend to enjoy these types of sites and they "spread the word", you will find it easy to recieve free links from the dmoz, yahoo and many other smaller sites.

    This infact will also give you some much needed pagerank, then after some time you can link to a "commercial" site you create "your sales site" and push the pagerank on your commercial site.

    This is and was an important piece of my business today. Without pagerank it is hard to compete in the search engines for good rankings. Of course you will want to rank well and come out in the first 15 positions on any product or service you push.

    Trying to get links or a listing at the dmoz for commericial products is near impossible. That is why I think it is important to make several sites.

    My father inlaw has followed my advice and now makes about $45 daily and is geating ready for his third site ;-)

    Good luck, learn alot, spend very little when getting started (I spent about 25 bucks monthly for about a year) and give it 6 to 9 months before you expect to see results.


    Brian Johnson
    Seek and you shall find

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    Quality means well optimized, tightly focused pages selling some very specific product that lots of people want to buy. A quality page causes the person searching for that item to click through to the merchant site. It does not mean showing off great graphic and design talent. It should be tidy, simple and, unless you are targeting a misspelling, free of spelling and grammatical errors. There should be nothing to distract the viewer from clicking to the merchant site. Pre-sale copy may or may not be a good idea depending on your needs for optimization and what the goal is. Your job is to get the buyer to the merchant. If you do, you have a quality page.

    Mr.Merchant, if you do business in any way what-so-ever with parasites, your products will not be sold on my sites!!

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    Something I preach endlessly to our affiliates is time or money- you have to spend something. This won't come easy- but if you can put one of those into it- you are ahead of the curve.

    Jessica Hutson
    Senior Manager of Affiliate Relations/Development
    Interactive Affiliate Network
    A parasite free contract since June 2001

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