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    To LinkShare or not to Linkshare..?
    I am looking for an affiliate presently using Linkshare
    that can offer some advice about their program.

    Presently, we do affiliate management in-house, but soon we
    will need outside help.

    Anyone out there that can shed light on this matter..?

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    I am an afiliate of several Linkshare merchants. I have made sales and I have been paid............................

    But, before you sign a contract, I would suggest that you look around and also listen to potential affiliates.

    I like your site. Do you have a data feed??

    BTW.......Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to ABW, Watercolorman. You, indeed, have some interesting products on a nice-looking site.

    I, too, am an affiliate - and have had a few Linkshare merchants for many years. I also have a (very) few on CJ and many on ShareASale. I also have three indies that I use (one for nine years).

    Your site and products seem like they would be natural for ShareASale. I would definitely sign up if you were on SAS; but would not if you were on LS or CJ. Check this thread to see some opinions of various networks:
    (The votes were cast by many affiliates, merchants and OPMs on ABW.)
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    This topic stuck out to me because I'm a merchant with LinkShare. I'm more than happy with their interface and they did a super job of getting us up and live. I'm interested in seeing what the affiliates think about it tho... I always love a good lesson in perspective.

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    I agree with KellycoChick. I too am an affiliate manager who is a merchant with LinkShare. I've been really pleased with the level of service that I receive from them. More importantly, the ease in which I am able to communicate with my affiliates makes them really great.
    Good luck.

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