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    Do you think this is normal??
    Not sure if I should have made the title for this question "Am I bein paranoid?" Not sure if my imagination is just runnin wild or something is going on that I just don't understand. Can't take it any longer tho so figure I'll ask you guys what you think.

    While back there were maybe 4 of these so didn't get too upset about it but now there's 28 of em. If the pages getting these links to them were spread out maybe I wouldn't feel quite as but of all my pages it's just happening to this one.

    Not sure if this is the correct spot for this or not, but here goes. I go into my Google webmaster tools and look at the section of pages with external links. Would be great to have more lol but there's usually just a couple individual pages that will have a link or two to them and the index page always has a bunch. But.... this one specific page tho that had the 4 I mentioned now has 28 links to it. (just this one specific page has all those links)

    There was an article a little while back about how more and more info. domains have been found to be bad guys now. Majority of these 28 links google says are linking to that one page are info. domains and after the .info/ part they all have different words but all have the same words as the title of my page (not my domain name but the title part of the page) and other words that relate to that page. When I click on the link at google for those .info/blah,blahs they all go to a page saying "This account is supsended."

    Uhhh could any of you explain what is happening or why? These aren't reciprocal links that I'm aware of, or least if they are, they're doin it on their own and not tellin me. (uhhh still that matter tho of why so many of the links are saying "This account is supsended.") Not sure if this has a bearing on this or not but I do get a whole lotta natural searches for the topic on that page that these other sites are supposed to be linking to. Uhhh don't understand at all how an account is suspended can have links goin to my page either

    Had asked a while back a question cos I was afraid of having bad guy sites linking to me but weren't that many. 28 I guess isn't a whole lot maybe...but seems to me as it is. And.... worried again that these are bad guy sites. Like I said, too.....if it was spread around to pages maybe I wouldn't worry, but don't understand why it's just involving this one page.

    Ok.....go ahead....let me know if everything's finally gotten to me and I'm just bein paranoid or is somethin happening that I just don't have a clue what it is?? And if so.....ummmmm what can I do to make it stop

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    My opinion -

    Yes, those were bad guys and that's why their account is suspended by the hosting company (or maybe they just didn't pay their bills). The links showing in Google should disappear unless the account/pages come back.

    I call them "scraper sites" because they scrape content from other sites. You said you had a lot of natural searches for that page, they like to scrape those kinds of pages. They also like to link to those pages because they are linking to an authority site.

    I don't think there are long term ramifications from Google unless you have a very new site or a site with low page rank and the sites linking to you are older and/or have more page rank.

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    It sounds like the same thing we had earlier this year. See I don't think they can do that anymore with the new URL rules, but I'm not positive since it all involves redirects.

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    Call me weird but I like looking through my server logs. There is stuff in there that you can't tell what the motive for the visit is. Some log spam and some hack attempts are fairly obvious. You have wanna be Googles, scrappers, keyword spies, and such.

    The other day I had a LinkShare merchant using the LS system to check me for approval and they had the Zango Toolbar installed on their browser. Sometimes I just have tell myself "who cares".

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