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    help with urlencoded product names
    I written a php script that creates and saves an HTML page. To make it SEO friendly I decided to use the urlencoded product name as the filename. So the relevant part of my script is:


    Everything works well except for brackets.

    A product "American Crew Moisturising Shampoo (250ml)" when urlencoded produces :"American+Crew+Moisturising+Shampoo+%28250ml%29.htm" however when I click the link I get the error "/American+Crew+Moisturising+Shampoo+(250ml).htm was not found on this server."

    It's no problem to correct for the brackets but does anyone know if other characters are affected in this way?

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    It would depend on the server OS and web server, I think - but the safest practice (and most portable) is to remove ALL non-alphanumeric characters except hyphens (replacing the other characters with hyphens and merging multiple hyphens into one).

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    Agreed - I would remove all non-alpha-numerics from the title. Spaces, braces, parentheses, ampersands, number signs... all kinds of things can mess up a url.
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    Thanks for your suggestions Mark and Hectic here is the code I have come up with:

    PHP Code:
    $product_name=ereg_replace("[^0-9a-zA-Z \.]" ,"-",$product_name);
    First get rid of the html entities or you get things like "-amp-" in the url. Next replace any characters you don't want with "-", remove duplicate "-" and finally remove the "-" if it is the first or last character.

    I'm sure it's not the perfect solution but it works for now.

    Regards Bob

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