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    Quantcast - Why do you lie?

    Their report doesn't even show any "addicts" in the audience composition section. Yes, I read their disclaimer regarding the rough estimates due to sparse data but ABW addicts should be given their due recognition. ;-)


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    lol! I feel better now about the lies they show about my sites. Why do these folks pretend to offer stats info when they have none?
    I guess it helps their stats..

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    Funny, my site has almost exactly the same demographic breakdowns according to them. ( though traffic is very different) Someone once told me they purposefully give you skewed stats in an effort to scare you into buying their services.

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    I always wondered about their accuracy (or lack of it). This was the funniest stat:
    Audience Also Searches For

    The people who visit are also likely to search the web using these keywords:


    • hotmail

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